How We Work

The Sensory Support Service provides advice and support to ensure that all children and young people with sensory impairment have the best opportunities to learn, develop and grow. We work with children and young people from birth to 25 either at home, in Early Years’ settings, educational settings (mainstream and special) and Further Education (FE) colleges. We do provide support for children and young people within independent schools if the child or young person has an education, health and care plan (EHCP).

The level of support we offer depends on the level of need and can change over time – it is based on the eligibility framework from NATSIP and our own matrix (further information on our matrix coming soon)

Our work can include many aspects including:

  • Assessment and identification of needs of children and young people with sensory impairment including statutory assessments of Education, Health and Care Needs
  • Advice and support to families enabling them to promote their child’s development
  • Advice, support and training to ensure educational settings meet the needs of children and young people with sensory impairment in their settings
  • Developing programmes of work and provide direct teaching of specialist skills for children and young people.
  • Information and guidance about useful strategies, resources or other organisations
  • Awareness raising and professional development for staff working in settings.


HI Pathway*

VI Pathway*

MSI Pathway*

*Further information coming soon on the various pathways of possible journeys from referral and through the educational phases.