Hearing Support

We are a team of Teachers of Deaf (ToDs), Educational Audiologist, Audiology Technician, Sign Language Communication Advisors (SLCAs) and Specialist Teaching Assistants (STAs) who offer advice and support to ensure that children with a hearing loss achieve their potential.

What do we offer

  • Advice and support to families
  • Opportunities to attend our Early Years’ group Acorns with opportunities for parents/carers and children to meet, specifically adapted to their needs (more information coming soon)
  • Home visits  to support families promoting development of their child including the use of Success from the Start for babies and young children with a hearing loss if appropriate
  • Advice and / or transition support into EY settings and across all key stages
  • Assessment of need or of specific areas such as language development, processing skills and social skills,
  • Monitoring the management of effective use of hearing aids/cochlear implants to maximise access to speech, contribute to the paediatric hearing assessment and hearing review clinics.
  • Recommendations on appropriate assistive technology and resources, e.g. radio aids and soundfield systems under the guidance of our Educational Audiologist
  • Visits and advice to educational settings from QToDs, at times these will be supported by STAs
  • Family sign language curriculum delivered by Sign Language Communication advisors
  • Bespoke training offered to settings as required
  • Access to a range of other support including our toolkit with information and advice, helpline and other training offer such as online courses and audiology updates
  • Direct teaching of specialist skills e.g. specific language skills, advocacy skills and understanding of hearing needs
  • Collaborative work with a range of key partners, such as:
    • The Children’s Hearing Centre
    • West of England Hearing Implant Centre (WEHIP)
    • Health Visitors
    • Speech and language therapists

CYP Stories*

HI Pathways*

* More information coming soon.