Hearing – Post 16

We support young people whilst they are at school and when they attend a school sixth form placement. This support aims to meet the needs of individual students and their families/carers and can include:

  • Personalised visits to local colleges or school sixth forms for taster sessions and appropriate support information
  • Taster visits to school sixth forms, local colleges and universities organised by the service to address the specific needs of deaf students
  • The provision of detailed information about a student’s individual needs to the next education or training provider
  • Providing information, advice ,training and liaising with the next education or training provider as required
  • Support with applications for the Disabled Students Allowance for Higher Education
  • In partnership with the students, the creation of a student profile which can be used in Further or Higher Education and in employment
  • Working with the student to support life skills and employment skills
  • Providing information about support and services available to students after they have left school
  • Liaison with Audiology Services at the point of transition from Child to Adult Services
  • Contribution to assessment of needs which may be drawn up by other agencies when a young person leaves school
  • Other support which may be identified by the pupil, family, carer or school

When a young person moves to a different educational setting such as college or university, we liaise with those settings. The Sensory Support Service might provide training to local FE colleges or universities if they wish to purchase it. We have a transition co-ordinator who works alongside the teachers of the deaf to support students during their transition from school to further education, higher education, training or work. As well as working with students in mainstream schools across the 4 local authorities, we also works with pupils who attend the HIRB in The Ridings Federation-Yate International Academy (including those at the post-16 stage), and pupils who attend Elmfield School. This support to students and families complements and is in addition to that offered by the Careers Advice.