Hearing – Support for School Age

The level of support for a school age child will depend on their need and stage of education. Levels of support are allocated according to our eligibility criteria.

Our support includes:

  • Assessing how your child/young person is using their hearing.
  • Advising schools about equipment and any adaptations to the building and environment.
  • Offering training to school staff to ensure that your child/young person has access to the curriculum and the staff are aware of their needs.
  • Providing advice and support about modifications and adaptations to ensure the child/young person can access all areas of the curriculum.
  • Direct teaching for some pupils with a very high level of need to acquire specialist skills such as supporting the development of language and developing practical strategies to manage their environment, equipment and independence
  • Liaising with other professionals working with your child.
  • Working with your child/young person to develop their understanding about their sensory needs and promote independence and a positive self image.
  • Providing information about relevant out of school activities and access to activities provided by voluntary agencies e.g. NDCS and the Family Centre for Deaf Children.
  • Contributing to advice where additional support is being requested for your child/young person at the school.
  • Providing information about local provision.
  • Supporting the child/young person and families at transition from KS2 to KS3 and KS3 to KS4. and into post 16
  • Supporting schools to develop policies to ensure that they are deaf friendly.

How do we do this?

  • By visiting the school to observe and assess your child/young person, liaising with staff and working directly with some children.
  • Ensuring that our staff are up-to-date with recent developments and research in the field of deaf education e.g. technological equipment, teaching approaches for specialist skills.
  • Referring to and liaising with other agencies when appropriate.


We support your child/young person by promoting inclusion, social and emotional well-being and independence. Working alongside the school we aim to promote an environment where your child/young person can be included in school life and has the opportunity to thrive, enjoy learning and achieve.

We work with all children/young people with a sensory loss including children who have a range of complex needs, such as learning difficulties and physical impairments. Some of these children and young people require specialist provision and we work closely with these schools to develop their capacity to meet these children’s sensory needs.