Local Offer – HI – 5 to 15

School – 5 to 15 years of age

What support is there for my child at school? How will you support my child?

The ToD will liaise with the setting, provide information and training to ensure staff are aware of your child’s needs and what strategies/adaptations and equipment they will need to use. The ToD will liaise with you about this and include your views and those of your child. Depending on the level of need of your child this training may be done in different ways – key people or whole school

The ToD will visit the educational setting to observe/ advise / assess and/or teach specialist skills. Notes are written and shared with the setting with recommendations and summary of discussions/observations and assessments. We will also continue liaising / supporting parents and provide information about wider opportunities to join in activity groups and extra curricular activities.

A strong focus of our support is in developing independent learners. Find out more about what we provide here

What support is there when my child moves from primary to secondary school?

All children and young people with hearing impairment will have a transition plan – depending on the level of need this may include the ToD meeting the staff at the new school, training sessions (whole school / subject leaders / key staff), taster days, extra visits, etc. We may carry out an environmental audit, a personal interview with your child and if required with yourselves.

To find information about schools in your local authority see links below:

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Does my child need an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP)?

Under the equality act, every setting has the duty to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of children with SEN. The majority of children with vision impairment do not require an EHCP to ensure their needs are met. If the level of need of your child is very significant they may meet the criteria for an EHCP. Some local authorities also provide funding to meet these needs without the need to have an EHCP.

Some children with vision impairment may not meet the criteria because of their vision impairment but because other needs are taken into consideration, e.g. physical, cognitive etc.

Follow the links below to find out more about the statutory assessment process in your local authority:

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