Who can refer: Most referrals come directly from hospital but we have an open referral system so health visitors, therapists, social workers, parents, teachers, early years’ practitioners, etc. can refer to the service.

Criteria for referral: There needs to be evidence of the presence of a vision and/or hearing impairment. If medical information is not provided with referral the service will request this before the referral is considered.

How do you make a referral: By phone, letter, e-mail – we have a referral form for vision which you can download.

Action to be expected once a referral is made: Referrals from Newborn Hearing Screening Programme will be followed up as per national targets and contact with family made within 48 hours. For other referrals, we consider the medical information provided, contact is made and if appropriate we will arrange a visit and assessment. For all referrals we use the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NATSIP) eligibility framework and our own matrix of support which is used to decide on the level of support needed at that stage. See 3 level matrix of support here.


HI Pathway*

VI Pathway*

MSI Pathway*

*Further information coming soon on the various pathways of possible journeys from referral and through the educational phases.