We are highly committed to develop enquiry / evidence based practice and the learning culture of the service and have now been awarded the Research Charter Mark at the transforming and leading level.

Some of the research we have been involved with include:

Teaching Braille and print users in mainstream settings

Longitudinal case study of a braille and print user

Exploration of behavioural and progress concerns of pupils with unilateral hearing losses

Students’ perceptions of successful strategies during GCSE studies

Leading to promote active learning of social value

We are creating links to develop our research community and are associate members of the Scottish Sensory Centre:

Link to Scottish Sensory Centre

Some publications from service members:

Roe, Joao, Sue Rogers, Marion Donaldson, Clare Gordon, Nathan Meager (2014) “Teaching Literacy through Braille in Mainstream Settings whilst promoting inclusion: Reflections on our practice” in International Journal of Disability, Development and Education Vol 61 (2) – see article Teaching Literacy through Braille in Mainstream Settings whilst promoting inclusion- Reflections on our practice

Roe, Joao (2008) “Social inclusion: meeting the socio-emotional needs of children with vision Needs” in British Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness Vol 26 (2), 149-160

Rogers, S. (2007) Learning braille and print together – the mainstream issues. “British Journal of Visual Impairment 25(2): 120-112.

Webster, Alec; Roe, Joao (1998) Children with visual impairment: social interaction, language and learning. Routledge.