Vision Support

What do we offer

  • Advice and support to families;
  • opportunities to attend our Early Years’ group Explorers with opportunities for parents/carers and children to meet, specifically adapted to their needs – (more information coming soon);
  • Home visits  to support families promoting development of their child including the use of Developmental journal for babies and young children with visual impairment if appropriate;
  • Advice and / or transition support into Early Years’ settings and across key stages;
  • Assessment of need or of specific areas such as Functional Vision Assessments, IT, Braille literacy, etc.;
  • Recommendations on appropriate assistive technology and resources, e.g. tactile rulers, screen readers, magnification software and hardware, Braille equipment, etc.;
  • Visits and advice to educational settings from Qualified Teachers for the Visually Impaired (QTVIs) at times supported by Specialist Teaching Assistants (STAs);
  • Bespoke training offered to settings attended by CYP with VI as required;
  • Access to a range of other support including our toolkit with information and advice, helpline and other training offer such as Teaching Assistant online course, CVI (Cerebral Vision Impairment), etc.;
  • Direct teaching of specialist skills for children and young people who require this (find more details below);
  • Collaborative work with Habilitation (more information coming soon).

Direct teaching of specialist skills may include:

  • Developing visual, listening, tactile skills, compensatory skills;
  • Early development of communication;
  • Language development;
  • Alternative means of communication – learning through touch, large print, Braille, objects of reference, etc.;
  • Concept development – making sense of the world with limited or no access to visual information;
  • Developing exploratory behaviour and physical development / early movement;
  • Promoting safety and independence;
  • Social skills;
  • Self- advocacy;
  • Organisational / study skills;
  • IT skills and effective use of specialist technology.