The Sensory Support Service provides advice and support to children and young people with sensory impairment (hearing, vision or multi-sensory impairment) from birth to 25 years of age, their families and educational settings.

We are a group of specialists including Teachers of Deaf (ToD), Qualified Teachers of Vision Impaired (QTVI), Teachers of Children and young people with multi-sensory impairment (MSI), educational audiologist, specialist teaching assistants (STA), sign language communication advisors (SLCA), transition coordinator and technicians.

We are committed to provide the best support and advice by ensuring our staff are up to date with new developments and have specialist qualifications and skills to provide the best quality service.

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Hearing Support
We are a team of Teachers of Deaf (ToDs), Educational Audiologist, Audiology Technician, Sign Language Communication Advisors (SLCAs) and Specialist …
Multi Sensory Impairment Support
What we offer: Advice and support to families;Opportunities to attend our Early Years’ group Explorers/Acorns with opportunities for parents/carers and…
Vision Support
What do we offer Advice and support to families;opportunities to attend our Early Years’ group Explorers with opportunities for parents/carers …