Dear Parent/Carer

The service is a reflective organisation with children and families at the centre. The team provides highly effective intervention for pupils.
(Inspection Report, December 2013)

Welcome to the Sensory Support Service.

We aim to promote the achievement, inclusion, well being and quality of life of children and young people with a sensory impairment.

We are specialist teachers and other professionals who have the knowledge and experience in working with children and young people with sensory impairment. Our teachers hold mandatory qualifications in the field and all staff are up to date with new developments and technologies.

Sensory impairment includes vision, hearing or multi sensory impairment and is a low incidence disability. The necessary knowledge and experience is not widely available in every setting, so we work with others to ensure children and young people with sensory impairment receive good quality education. Our aim is that children and young people have the best opportunities in life to thrive, succeed, reach their aspirations and have the best possible quality of life.

To achieve this we will work with you soon after diagnosis to give information, to listen to your concerns and help you promote your child’s development. We will also work within early years’ settings and schools and collaborate with a range of others professionals.

We consider the wide range of children and young people’s needs and recognise the importance of ensuring they thrive academically whilst developing their social emotional well being, self esteem, independence and confidence.

Our vision statement is:

Learning, growing and succeeding together.

We strongly believe this is something we do together and we work closely with you and other professionals to meet your child’s needs, develop their enjoyment for learning, aim high and achieve.

Joao Roe
(Head of Service)